Wednesday news roundup

An eclectic selection of stories greets us this morning. (try saying “eclectic selection” five times fast)

The AP and Seattle PI continue coverage over Councilmember Sawant’s settlement of an ethics charge against her.

MyNorthwest reports on Councilmember Strauss’s plan for a permanent “cafe streets” program.

The Seattle Times continues its investigative reporting on how several months of text messages went missing from the phones of several city officials, including Mayor Durkan.

Seattle Bike Blog reports that this summer will see the buildout of bike lanes in South Lake Union.

West Seattle Blog provides an update on the repair of the West Seattle Bridge.

Crosscut brings us election news.

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    1. My apologies, and thanks for pointing that out. Fixed now.

      Sometimes my hands don’t sync up with my eyes before the coffee gets into my bloodstream.

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