This week in Council chambers: May 24-28, 2021 (updated)

Plenty of new bills being introduced this week that should keep the Council busy for the next few weeks.

Monday morning’s weekly Council Briefing will include an executive session for the Councilmembers to discuss legal matters with the city’s attorneys.

Monday afternoon’s full City Council meeting is scheduled to include final votes on:

  • an ordinance extending the term of the Director of the Office for Civil Rights for an extra year;
  • an ordinance closing a couple of loopholes in a previous ordinance requiring payment plans for commercial tenants who are delinquent on their rent;
  • a bill moving parking enforcement officers and 911 call center employees from SPD into the new Community Safety and Communications Center, and a bill adjusting a budget proviso just in case the Council opts not to move the parking enforcement officers out of SPD yet;
  • approval of three surveillance impact technology reports;
  • approval of four tunnel and skybridge permits.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new pieces of legislation:

  • another six-month extension to the moratorium on redeveloping mobile home parks, and a bill that would create an “overlay district” zone on the two existing mobile home parks in the city;
  • An ordinance reallocating $1 million to the Office for Civil Rights so that it can begin hiring staff and an outside contractor to run the participatory budgeting process;
  • A bill that would move the parking enforcement officers to SDOT rather than to the new CSCC;
  • a bill that would make it easier for religious organizations to build affordable housing on properties they own;
  • updates to the city’s construction codes for energy, grading, and boilers;
  • a bill transferring the Greenwood Senior Center property to the Phinney Neighborhood Association;
  • a bill that would remove interest charges on some delinquent utility accounts.

Tuesday morning, the Public Safety and Human Services Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published.  UPDATE: the agenda is now posted, and includes one item: the 2020 annual report from the Office of Police Accountability.

Tuesday afternoon, the Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee meets. The agenda has not yet been published, but the committee is expected to take up:

  • two bills requiring residential landlords to offer a lease renewal to tenants at the end of a fixed-term lease;
  • a bill prohibiting evictions of families with school-age children and employees of schools and child-care facilities during the school year.

Wednesday morning, the Land Use and Neighborhood Committee meets. On the agenda:

  • a public hearing on the bill establishing an “overlay district” zone prohibiting redevelopment of the city’s two mobile home parks;
  • the bill transferring ownership of the Greenwood Senior Center to the Phinney Neighborhood Association;
  • the bill making it easier for religious organizations to develop affordable housing on their property;
  • updates to the energy, grading and boiler construction codes.

Wednesday afternoon, the Select Committee on Homelessness Strategies and Investments meets. The agenda has not been published, but is expected to include updates on the “shelter surge” and “street sinks” programs, as well as a discussion with the JustCare consortium.

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