Thursday news roundup

Apparently the Seattle Times thinks this site is “helpful.”

Here’s the news.

The Seattle Times looks at how the proposed “Seattle Rescue Plan” for ARPA funding will help small businesses.

KING reports that three new “tiny house” villages may be built out by this summer.

The Stranger covers the City Council’s vote Tuesday to reject a proposed cut to SPD’s budget, after the bill was repeatedly amended and strayed from its original goal.

The Seattle Times reports that there is a push to name the new Northgate bike/pedestrian bridge after John Lewis.

In an op-ed in the Seattle Times, U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour argues that Zoom-based court hearings should be discontinued as soon as is practical.

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  1. John Cougar is a Judge? Why is he not using his real name, John Mellencamp. Oh wait…never mind.

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