Wednesday news roundup

There’s a fair amount of news this morning, but the Sawant recall election dominates the headlines as we wait for more definitive results.

Here’s all the coverage of yesterday’s recall election of Councilmember Sawant:

In other news:

The South Seattle Emerald reports that a whistleblower complaint against the Office of the Inspector General stands uninvestigated as city departments and the City Council all pass the buck.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at the issues that are keeping Seattle’s pot business inaccessible to people of color who want to open up shops.

The Seattle Times reports on the city’s new “appreciation pay” program for childcare workers.

The Urbanist looks at Metro’s 2022 budget, and what it means for transit service.

MyNorthwest reports that the city may finally be getting serious about addressing buildings with unreinforced masonry.

The Seattle Times, MyNorthwest, and The Stranger cover this week’s removal of two long-standing homeless encampments.

The Seattle Times reports on recently-revealed emails from Mayor Durkan that show she thought a shooting in the CHOP was “foreseeable and avoidable.”

MyNorthwest and PubliCola look at the illegal use of concrete blocks by some businesses — and some city agencies — to deter RVs from parking outside their facilities.

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