Friday news roundup

More on the Sawant recall election, plus a smattering of other topics.

The Seattle Times, Crosscut, the AP, Seattle PI, Post Alley, The Stranger, The Urbanist and Fox News continue coverage of the Sawant recall election.

The Seattle Times reports that the city’s latest plan for filing in the “missing link” in the Burke-Gilman Trail is back in court after local businesses filed a new appeal.

PubliCola covers the City Council’s latest pre-emptive move as it fears the City Attorney-elect may not share its devotion to diversion programs.

The Seattle Times reports that $84 million in private donations has now been raised for the new Waterfront Park.

Seattle Bike Blog looks at the 10th anniversary of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.

The South Seattle Emerald has an op/ed discussing violence and public safety issues in the Mount Baker neighborhood.

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