This week in Council Chamber: the wrap-up

It’s the last week of Council meetings for the year. Expect a long Monday afternoon meeting as the Council pushes its final bills out the door.

Monday morning’s Council Briefing has a presentation from the Office of Intergovernmental Relations on what the city can expect from the federal infrastructure bill and the pending Build Back Better Act.

Monday afternoon’s final Full Council meeting of the year will be a doozy, with forty agenda items. That includes:

  • an MOU between the city and a coalition of unions representing city employees related to a new collective bargaining agreement;
  • an ordinance approving salary increases for non-represented city workers;
  • the 2022 Pay Zone Ordinance for city workers;
  • an ordinance establishing Juneteenth as a legal holiday for city workers;
  • an update to the city’s traffic code to align it with recent changes in state law;
  • a resolution adopting the city’s 2022 state legislative agenda;
  • an ordinance rescinding the “hazard pay” mandate for grocery workers 30 days after the effective date of the ordinance ( approximately mid-February 2022);
  • an update to the city’s 2021 HUD Action Plan for affordable housing;
  • an ordinance exempting street and alley vacation fees for city-funded affordable housing projects;
  • a resolution updating the City Council’s rules and procedures;
  • an update to the city’s Energy Code;
  • an ordinance establishing an “overlay district” for the city’s remaining two mobile home parks to discourage redevelopment (other than for affordable housing);
  • an ordinance renaming “single family” residential zones to “neighborhood residential”;
  • a landmark designation ordinance;
  • renewal of the management and operations agreement for the Woodland Park Zoo;
  • an ordinance establishing a new Indigenous Advisory Council;
  • a resolution authorizing the Parks Department to negotiate receipt of state Recreation and Conservation Office grants;
  • an ordinance creating a compensation program for Fire Chiefs;
  • an ordinance adding new reporting and notice requirements to the City Attorney’s Office;
  • a resolution declaring the city’s intent to finally address unreinforced masonry buildings in Seattle;
  • an update to the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance;
  • a resolution regarding the Crown Hill Urban Village Action Plan;
  • a long list of appointments and reappointments.


This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes several appointments, including two reappointments to the Community Police Commission.

Tuesday morning, the Public Safety and Human Services Committee meets. On the agenda:

  • the aforementioned reappointments to the Community Police Commission;
  • three appointments to the Pacific Hospital Public Development Authority Governing Council;
  • an ordinance amending the Seattle Fire Department’s fire prevention services.

Wednesday morning the Transportation and Utilities Committee meets. Its agenda includes:

  • an ordinance authorizing a land-swap with King County to resolve a property-encroachment issue next to Boeing Field;
  • a presentation from SDOT on the scooter-share pilot;
  • a presentation on the preparations for SPU’s 2021 financial audit.

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