Wednesday news roundup

More Durkan exit interviews, and other news.  Also, make sure you’re got your snow-shovel and de-icer ready to go, and wrap those outside pipes and spigots.

Crosscut, SeattleMet, and GeekWire talk with Mayor Durkan as she wraps up her term.

Puget Sound Business Journal and MyNorthwest report on the city’s program to provide COVID cash relief to low-income families in Seattle.

The Urbanist brings us the latest on City Hall Park.

PubliCola reports that the Regional Homeless Authority has received a waiver from HUD for the 2022 Point in Time Count.

The Seattle Medium covers the city’s $1.5 grant program to support equitable birth outcomes and kindergarten readiness.

Crosscut looks back at the history of sports stadiums in Seattle.

Thanks for reading!