News roundup: Herbold, Comcast, arena, Uber

In this morning’s news: Lisa Herbold won the recount, the Council wants a better franchise deal from Comcast, the SODO arena politics get nasty, and Uber’s paid spokesperson says a union is unnecessary because working for them is a dream job.

There is much coverage this morning of yesterday’s recount results, in which Council candidate Lisa Herbold held on to her razor-thin lead over Shannon Braddock, and Braddock conceded. Seattle P-I, Seattle Met, Seattle Times, Crosscut all report on the results.

The Stranger, GeekWire, and Seattle Times all report that the city’s cable franchise agreement with Comcast, which passed out of committee last week an was headed for approval by the full Council on Monday, has been put on hold in the wake of  details of Philadelphia’s new agreement with Comcast that yielded much more favorable terms for the city than Seattle had negotiated. Council member Harrell, chair of the committee that oversees the franchise renewal, is demanding better terms.

The effort to create a new arena for basketball and hockey in the SODO area has turned very political, with Public Records Act requests to the Port of Seattle, the Mayor’s office,  and the City Council discovering behind the scenes alliances. KING 5 reports, as does SB Nation who calls out Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen for biased reporting on the issue.

Uber executive David Plouffe’s visit to Seattle continues to drive coverage, as he argues against unionization of drivers ahead of a City Council vote which would allow it. Crosscut, Seattle Times, The Stranger, and GeekWire all have coverage. Crosscut also analyzes the challenges facing the bill.

Queen Anne & Magnolia News reports on the imminent approval of the REDI Fund for affordable housing in the Seattle area’s transportation corridors.