This week: let’s get this show started

This week kicks off the newly-elected City Council with the oaths of office, a full Council meeting, and a full plate of committee meetings.  

The full Council meeting begins at 2pm tomorrow (Monday), though after the inaugurations and speeches, the agenda is just basic paperwork:  paying bills, approving the committees and assignments, assigning council members to county and state committees, and establishing the schedule for President Pro Tem for the year.

The Introduction and Referral Calendar also lists a couple of additional items, including approving the next bump-up in city employee salaries on the way to $15 per hour, and authorizing collective bargaining with various unions representing city employees.

The calendar lists several committee meetings this week:

None of the committee have posted agendas yet, and the Introduction and Referral Calendar lists nothing to be referred to any of them yet.  UPDATE: Both Tuesday committee meetings (Planning, Land Use and Zoning; Sustainability and Transportation) have been cancelled.  2ND UPDATE: All the rest of the committee meetings this week have been cancelled.