News roundup: homelessness, minimum wage, Airbnb

Yesterday’s council committee hearing on the city’s homelessness response is in the news this morning.

KING5 reports on yesterday’s discussion of the long-term response to the homelessness crisis in the Human Services and Public Health Committee.

MyNorthwest covers the head of a local industrial association raising concerns about the dangers that the homeless encampment known as “The Jungle” to Interstate 5 and the tens of thousands of drivers who travel along it every day.

Fusion reports that Airbnb has admitted to purging 1500 listings from its service just before compiling statistics for New York regulators. Seattle has been looking at similar issues with Airbnb.

MyNorthwest discusses with an LA Times columnist the lack of data to draw informed conclusions on the economic impact of Seattle’s minimum wage law.

Seattle Times defends its reporting on the SODO Arena in the context of the City Council’s complaints of inaccurate reporting.