This week: Larry Weis finale, and lots of committee work

The final confirmation vote on the nomination of Larry Weis comes up tomorrow at the full Council meeting. Plus, in committees this week:┬ásafe injection sites, secure scheduling, prescription drug disposal, police department staffing, and new regulations for tour and excursion vehicles.Monday morning’s Council Briefing should be short — there are no presentations scheduled. Monday afternoon’s full Council meeting will include the final confirmation vote for Larry Weis as GM/CEO of Seattle City Light; the Energy and Environment Committee recommended confirmation with a 3-2 divided report.

The Introduction and Referral Calendar for this week includes a draft ordinance to regulate tour and excursion vehicles in the aftermath of the Ride the Ducks accident on the Aurora Bridge.

Monday at noon, the Human Services and Public Health Committee will hold a “lunch and learn” meeting with a presentation on Vancouver, BC’s safe injection site.

Tuesday morning, the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee will have a discussion of secure scheduling involving a number of stakeholders. They will also hear a report on the economic impact of arts and cultural organizations in King County.

Tuesday afternoon the Energy and Environment Committee will hear a report from the Seattle City Light GM — which will be either Larry Weis’s first report as the confirmed GM (he is currently serving as interim GM/CEO), or a very awkward last-minute cancellation if the Council votes tomorrow not to confirm his appointment — effectively firing him on the spot.

Wednesday morning, the Gender Equity, Safe Communities and New Americans Committee has a very busy schedule, with three items of note:

  • A draft resolution advocating for creating a prescription drug disposal program;
  • A discussion of long-awaited the “Berkshire Report” on police staff levels which was finally released last week;
  • Consideration of the draft ordinance regulating tour and excursion vehicles mentioned above.

Thursday afternoon the Select Committee on the 2016 Housing Levy will meet. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been released.