News roundup: District Councils, Myers Way, and SPD

The Mayor’s big announcement yesterday that he’s cutting off the District Councils tops this morning’s news.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, West Seattle Blog, NWCN, Seattle Times, and the C is for Crank all report on the Mayor’s announcement that he is moving to abolish the District Councils and starting work on a replacement system for community engagement that is more representative of the diversity of Seattle’s population.

KING5, Seattle Times,  and Crosscut continue yesterday’s coverage of the resignation of the Seattle Police Officers Guild President. Crosscut also discusses police reform in Seattle.

West Seattle Blog and West Seattle Herald both report on the Mayor’s other announcement yesterday: that the city will retain the Myers Way properties.

The Thomasville Times-Enterprise reports that the age gap among voters is causing clashes between cities and states in several parts of the country, including Seattle.

The Stranger discusses the political direction of Council member Kshama Sawant in a post-Bernie world.

WasteDive reports on the reduction in plastic bag use in Seattle, as reported to the Council earlier this week.