Draft Council resolution on North Precinct

Here is a draft of the resolution that Council member Lorena Gonzalez is writing to provide guidance on moving forward with the North Precinct project.

There are no surprises: it does exactly what Gonzalez specified in the GESCNA committee yesterday, approving the project to go forward with a budget of approximately $149 million. Of particular note: it approves the construction of the basement training facility, though allows it to be deferred due to budget constraints. That’s likely to be the case unless they saveĀ $1.3 million of contingency funds, since deferring the training facility was a big piece of how they reduced the overall project budget from $160 million to $149 million.

As a side note, Council member Kshama Sawant, who was absent yesterday, came out in full-throated opposition to the North Precinct project today.