This afternoon’s Full Council meeting will be a big one

In their last full meeting before their August recess, the City Council will tackle several important matters.

They will be voting on a resolution voicing their support for Initiative 124. Voting it through to the November ballot was the easy part; whether they personally choose to support it is another. While most of the bill is hard not to support, it has a few parts that are more controversial and if it had gone through the Council’s legislative process would no doubt have come out different (and better); it will be interesting to see if any of the Council members withhold their support because of that. Expect some speechifying. There will also be public comment specifically for this item.

The Council will also take a final vote on the Mandatory Housing Affordability residential program.

Also, the Council will vote on raising the taxes on solid waste services in the city with an accompanying increase in solid waste rates.

Finally, Council member Gonzalez last week promised to introduce a resolution today that would express the Council’s guidance on the controversial North Precinct police station. The Council is deeply split on the project. While I am sure there has been plenty of discussion and negotiation over the weekend, it’s unclear what the results will be. Anything could happen here; I expect we will hear more in this morning’s Council Briefing.