Looking back over the year: the opinion pieces

It turns out I can have opinions too!  It took me a while to find my comfort level with mouthing off; other people took less time to disagree with me when I did. But they were healthy, productive conversations.

Here are some of my favorite opinion pieces.

Hey Seattle, your Leadership Vacuum is Showing

Confusion reigns in the city’s homeless response

Bagshaw gives HSD a long leash — too long

The hypocrisy of Seattle employers is stunning

Reflections on the SODO Arena vote, and what it means for Seattle politics

It was a bad day for political discourse in Seattle

Should City Council members encourage law breaking?

Two resolutions passed, and a bad precedent was set

The resolution on broadcast TV jobs is an embarrassment.
And then they doubled down on it.

Move-in fees legislation: you’re doing it wrong