Notes from today’s Council meetings

Some quick takes from the Council Briefing and Full Council meeting today.

The Office of Intergovernmental Relations gave its final weekly update on the state legislative session, though with the special session beginning today they may give additional briefings as necessary. You can read their weekly bulletin here.  The special session will mostly focus on the budget and education funding, though a few more items may find their way through.

Council members Burgess announced that he is introducing an ordinance to regulate AirBnB-style short term rentals. This has been in the works since last summer.

Council member Herbold announced that she is working with the Mayor’s office on a resolution stating the city’s intent to introduce a progressive tax — either an income tax or a tax specifically on unearned income. They are still working through the details of the proposal, but their goal is to “chart the strongest legal path,” meaning the form that is most likely to withstand the inevitable legal challenge (state law currently prohibits local jurisdictions from establishing an income tax). They hope to introduce the legislation by May 31, and pass it by July 10.

Council member Johnson noted that last week SDOT released more information on their “Fix 65th” plan, and is beginning the next phase of community engagement to get feedback on ideas.

Council member Sawant introduced a resolution today affirming city employees’ right to request an unpaid day off from work as a matter of conscience if they wish to participate in International Workers Day activities on May 1. The resolution was drafted with support and input from Council members Herbold, Gonzalez and Bagshaw, and passed unanimously this afternoon.

Council member Gonzalez noted that her GESCNA committee will be continuing its deliberations on the police accountability legislation Wednesday morning. They will continue discussions on issues related to budgets for the various oversight bodies involved, and they will consider amendments on issues related to oversight, responsibilities, and CPC membership.