This week in Council Chambers

Let’s see if we can get through an entire week without anyone getting sworn in as Mayor, okay?

Monday morning during the Council Briefing, the Council members will discuss the process they will use to fill the vacancy left when they appointed Tim Burgess to be Mayor.  They will also hear a report from the Human Services Department on the first year of the Pathways Home program to address the homelessness crisis in Seattle.

Monday afternoon there will be a long Full Council meeting, that includes Mayor Tim Burgess delivering a proposed 2018 budget to the Council. The agenda also includes final votes on several pieces of legislation, including:

  • an ordinance requiring city departments to notify the Council in advance of new and renewed contracts that will require its approval, rather than waiting until it’s too late for Council members to influence contract negotiations.
  • an ordinance establishing historic preservation controls on the Seattle Asian Art Museum building in Vo
  • lunteer Park.
  • a resolution amending the city’s procedures for disposing of surplus property, with the hopes of making more properties available for affordable housing projects.
  • an ordinance lifting budget provisos on capital contributions from the bity budget to several arts organizations.
  • A set of four pieces of legislation adjusting Seattle Public Utilities rates (here, here, here and here).

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes a few items of note:

  • a contract rezone in the Madrona village;
  • a one-year lease with the U.S. Army for warehouse space currently being used as the St. Martin de Porrres shelter for older homeless men;
  • a resolution introduced by Council member Gonzalez¬†affirming the City’s support for immigrant and refugee witnesses, survivors, and victims of crime.

The tentatively-scheduled meetings Tuesday and Wednesday for the Council to hear presentations from city departments have been cancelled.

Thursday morning, the Budget committee will meet in order to receive a presentation from the City Budget Office on revenue estimates for 2018 and an overview of the Mayor’s proposed budget.