More information on tonight’s public forum with applicants for Council vacancy

A spokesperson for the City Council just forwarded me additional information on tonight’s public forum for the candidates to fill the vacancy on the Council. As a reminder, the forum starts at 6pm (doors open at 5:30) in the Bertha Knight Landes room in City Hall. It will also be broadcast by the Seattle Channel. And you can find the applications for all sixteen applicants here.

(below is verbatim what was shared with me)

A little background information: a community coalition know as “TransparenSEA” asked of Council to have an open and transparent process for the Council Position 8 vacancy. This forum was brought about in response to that call for community members to ask questions. This forum is purely created by community-led organizations with logistical support from Councilmember O’Brien and Council President Harrell’s offices.

According to TransparenSEA, the format of the forum is as such (subject to change):

  • Introduction of the event and explanation of the format
  • Round One: Introduction of candidates. Each candidate will get one minute to introduce themselves.
  • Round Two: Long Response. 8 candidates will be put into Group A. 8 other candidates will be put into Group B. Group A will be asked 2 questions with one minute responses and Group B will be asked 2 different questions with one minute responses. The questions will alternate between the two groups.
  • Round Three: Rapid Response. Each candidate will get a “yes,””no,” and “explain” card. All candidates will be asked “yes” or “no” questions and will put up their sign in response. Each candidate can use their “explain” card to give a one-minute explanation about their answer once for the entire round.
  • Round Four: Audience Q + A. Questions from the audience will be asked.

More information regarding the forum:

The following organizations are co-hosts:

  • Transit Riders Union
  • Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites
  • Housing for All Coalition
  • Block the Bunker
  • Neighborhood Action Coalition
  • Tenants Union
  • Seattle People’s Party
  • Fuerza Colectiva

The following languages will be translated:

  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Somali
  • ASL
  • Spanish

Childcare will be provided
Light appetizers will be provided


  1. I keep looking at that list of co-hosts and thinking where is the balance? Many good causes here but where is the business community? Where are the more moderate voices such as Speak Out Seattle? What about a group that actually, you know, supports law enforcement? Sigh.

      1. I can’t get there in time after work but I’ll be watching what I can on Seattle Channel.

        1. It doesn’t start until 6, and the audience Q&A will be the last part. So you might be able to make part?

          1. I don’t get off work till 7 but I have a TV at work thank goodness!

  2. But right now I wish I had a tub of popcorn and a front row seat for the Tsimermann show that is already kicking off…

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