Search for Inspector General and OPA Director moving forward (UPDATED)

(update below)

This morning, Council member Gonzalez gave a quick update on the search process for filling the Inspector General and OPA Director positions, two key roles in the police accountability process.

Despite much of the police accountability legislation waiting for the collective bargaining process with the two police unions to resolve, Judge Robart, who oversees the consent decree between the city and the DOJ, recently gave his assent for hiring of the IG and OPA Director to move forward.

Gonzalez said this morning that the nationwide search yielded over 200 applicants, and the two search committees have been meeting to select candidates to interview. The first round of IG interviews are scheduled for this Thursday, October 12, from 7:30am to 1:00pm.  The first round for the OPA Director will be Saturday, October 14, from 8:30am to 4:00pm. After the interviews, the search committees will choose finalists to be considered.

There will be a public hearing of Gonzalez’s GESCNA committee on November 16 at 5:30pm to gather input from the community on the finalist candidates. She hopes to have the full Council consider confirmation of a candidate for each position by no later than November 23.

UPDATE 10/10  11:00am: I checked with Council member Gonzalez’s office on whether the interviews later this week will be open to the public. Here’s the response I got from a spokesperson:

“Many prospective candidates would not feel free to pursue these positions if their identity and job search were disclosed to the public, potentially including their present employer. So to ensure that the City has the widest applicant pool for consideration, the identity of candidates and their interviews will not be open to the public.”