Friday news roundup

Friendly reminder: the bright yellow ball in the sky that hurts your eyes is called the “sun.” You may have distant memories of it. Feel free to worship it while it makes an ever-so-brief visit to our land.

Now on to the news.

Westside Seattle, West Seattle Blog, and Puget Sound Business Journal continue coverage of the debate over a new tax on Seattle businesses.

KOMO reports that the city and county are primed to move ahead with establishing safe-consumption sites.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog covers the public support for the package of public benefits attached to the proposed expansion of the Convention Center.

Crosscut looks at how the city is working to reduce the dominance of cars in Seattle’s transportation network. Meanwhile, Puget Sound Business Journal

Seattle Times reports that the city is slow-walking the process of allowing the bike-share companies to expand their offerings to scooters.

The Stranger has an op-ed arguing that domestic workers’ rights are human rights.