Thursday news roundup

As is typical for a Thursday, there’s a little bit of everything going on this morning.

KUOW and the South Seattle Emerald report that the confirmation of Lisa Judge as the city’s first Inspector General for Public Safety is moving forward.

KING covers a debate over civility in Council meetings, and whether rules should be tightened.

Seattle Times looks at how much more people would pay under the Mayor’s proposal for the education levy renewal.

Puget Sound Business Journal continues the conversation over the proposed new tax on large businesses.

Seattle Times looks at our overcrowded bus system, and concludes it won’t get better soon.

The Urbanist has an op-ed arguing that the city should be more aggressive in fixing up the northern part of Aurora Avenue.

Seattle Times reports that SDOT is behind on meeting its Move Seattle goals.

And then there’s a trio of interesting stories on housing policy:

  • The Stranger looks at what happens when poor people can’t make the rent (made even more relevant by HUD’s announcement yesterday that they want to raise poor people’s rent).
  • Erica C. Barnett suggests that the Ft. Lawton redevelopment project is a turning point in the city’s housing debate.
  • Politico has a story about the competing forces in Seattle’s housing debate, and the generational gap it brings to the forefront.