Thursday news roundup

More discussion of the head tax, plus bike everywhere!

Seattle Times, The Stranger, Seattle PI, KING, South Seattle Emerald, and the Bellevue Reporter continue the discussion of the head tax.

(note: newspapers and blogs, both local and national, are now flooded with opinion pieces on the head tax. They cover the range of opinions. Most of it is partisan punditry and adds little if nothing to the conversation so I’m not linking to them, but if you fire up your favorite search engine you’ll find several dozen of them in about 30 seconds)

MyNorthwest reports that the city will set up a tiny home village in South Lake Union.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog and Seattle Bike Blog both cover tomorrow’s Bike Everywhere Day.

KOMO reports on the proposed Waterfront LID.




  1. Your coverage is so helpful. I do wonder though about your disclaimer re: not linking to blogs/opinion pieces and then you offer links to the Emerald and Stranger coverage which are essentially opinion pieces (which I enjoy reading because I actually want to read a variety of views). I just don’t understand your disclaimer in light of those links.

    1. It’s a fair question, and thanks for your feedback. Many days I do include opinion pieces, when I think they add new information or new perspectives, since the lines between reporting and opinion are often blurred (and I am equally guilty of blurring them). I also consider both the Emerald and the Stranger to be more “newspapers” than “political opinion blogs,” and I think they add perspectives from sectors of our Seattle community that are often under-reported (I also link to stories from MyNorthwest). Today I chose not to link to a Seattle Times story which was essentially “here’s what other people are saying about the head tax.” But I usually link to their editorials when they relate to the City Council. I didn’t link to rants from Puget Sound Business Journal, Townhall, Red State, Independent Women’s Forum, and dozens of others. I didn’t link to a piece on Forbes titled “Seattle’s Unloosed Monsters Will Kill the Progressive Dream.”

      It’s all judgment calls. I’m trying to highlight useful information and perspectives. Fortunately there’s Google, so you don’t have to rely on me to find a plethora of writing on the head tax.

  2. Thanks for your answer, Kevin. I guess something got under Forbes’s skin LOL

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