This week in Council Chambers: recess is over…

… and it’s time to get back to work.

Monday is Labor Day, so the usual Monday meetings have been shifted to Tuesday — and the usual Tuesday meetings have been moved to other days.

Tuesday morning’s Council Briefing includes introductions to 21 commission appointments through the “Get Engaged” program.

Tuesday afternoon’s full City Council meeting includes final votes on the following pieces of legislation:

  • the Get Engaged appointments discussed that morning;
  • an ordinance revising SPU’s wholesale water rates;
  • a resolution approving Seattle City Light’s Integrated Resource Plan Progress Report.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar includes the following new legislative items:

  • an ordinance granting the Parks and Recreation Department blanket authorization to acquire property within the city’s green spaces;
  • an ordinance authorizing the construction of a restroom for Hing Hay Park;
  • the second quarter supplemental budget ordinance;
  • an ordinance extending for another six months the ordinance placing a moratorium on most commercial and industrial development in the Aurora-Licton Springs neighborhood;
  • a land use action allowing light poles to be constructed at the Soundview playfields;
  • an ordinance changing the allowed uses for Admissions Tax revenues in order for the city to be able to meet contractual obligations under the proposed Key Arena redevelopment agreement with OVG;
  • an ordinance approving the “transaction agreements” with OVG for the renovation of Key Arena;
  • a resolution expressing the Council’s opposition to offshore oil and gas drilling and exploration activities.

Wednesday morning, the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meets. On its agenda:

  • extending the moratorium on new commercial and industrial development in Aurora-Licton Springs;
  • a briefing on the latest version of Council member Johnson’s updated tree protection ordinance;
  • an ordinance ratifying the South Lake Union Design Guidelines;
  • a briefing on the city’s vacant building monitoring program;
  • the University of Washington’s application for an update to its Major Institution Master Plan.

Wednesday afternoon, the Civic Development, Public Assets, and Native Communities Committee meets. Its agenda includes:

  • an operating agreement renewal for the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club;
  • the previously mentioned blanket authorization for Parks and Recreation to acquire property in the city’s green spaces;
  • the DPR Recreation Division’s Evaluation Report.

Friday morning, the Select Committee on Civic Arenas meets to begin deliberation on the “transaction document” agreements between the city and OVG for the Key Arena renovation.

Friday afternoon, the Sustainability and Transportation Committee meets. The agenda for the meeting has not yet been published.