The Seattle Waterfront, minus the viaduct noise

We’re dabbling in audio journalism today.

Do you remember how noisy the waterfront was before the Viaduct was shut down? Wondering how much quieter it is now?

I made a recording standing outside the Aquarium around noon on Thursday, January 3.  There is moderate traffic on the viaduct, and little surface traffic. I’ve actually stood on the waterfront when the Viaduct traffic was deafening (as I am sure have many of you); it wasn’t that bad on this day, but it was still loud enough that you would need to raise your voice to have a conversation with someone standing next to you.

And here is another recording, standing in approximately the same location, mid-afternoon today. The Viaduct is shut down, and again there is little surface traffic.

There’s still background noise from the city, but it’s definitely quieter. You can hear yourself think, as well as lots of other nearby noises: the crosswalk signal, and a car driving by. Carrying on a conversation would be easy.

A happy thought while you’re sitting in traffic.

(apologies for the background hiss on the recordings)