Notes from today’s Council meetings

First, let me echo Council member Gonzalez’s comments this morning in congratulating Council member Teresa Mosqueda on the birth of her daughter!

This morning the Council members interviewed the two dozen or so youths who were nominated for city commission and board positions through the Get Engaged! program, and this afternoon the Council voted to approve their nominations.

On a related note, Council members Herbold and Bagshaw noted that there is no parallel program for seniors, and they hoped that next year a “Stay Engaged!” program might be created by the Council.

This Thursday, Council member Sawant will hold a public hearing at 5pm in Council Chambers for her proposed ordinance expanding opportunities for tiny home villages and sanctioned encampments in the city.

Council member Bagshaw circulated a calendar for the next round of budget discussions that kick off on Wednesday, focused on discussing issues that the Council members have raised with the Mayor’s proposed budget. See my separate post on this.

Council member Pacheco highlighted that as part of the celebration of the city’s 150th birthday this year, he will be participating in a City History Trivia Night on October 24th at Fremont Dock Bar and Grill.