Tuesday news roundup

Initiative 976 is back in the news. Plus public safety outside the King County Courthouse, and news on the response to the homelessness crisis.

The Seattle Times, KING and KOMO report that the 3rd Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse has been closed due to public safety concerns along 3rd Avenue.

The Seattle Times, KING, KOMO, and Law360 bring us the latest on the legal challenge to Initiative 976.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that the new youth jail is nearing its opening date.

GeekWire reflects on the “60 Minutes” report on homelessness in SeattleĀ  that aired over the weekend.

Erica Barnett reports on the ongoing negotiations over a new regional governance structure for the homelessness response.

West Seattle Blog previews a City Council discussion this afternoon on the proposed RapidRide H line to Delridge.

The Seattle Times has an op-ed looking at how city leaders have responded to anti-Semitic incidents in Seattle.