Thursday news roundup

Last night was a scary time to be downtown. If you have information related to the shooting incident, please contact SPD.

Here’s the news from City Hall.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog previews Council member Sawant’s bill banning “winter evictions,” up for discussion this evening.

The Urbanist looks at Metro’s proposed bus line restructuring in North Seattle to align with the opening of three new light rail stations.

Erica Barnett reports that the Human Services Department is balking at the use of biometrics to ID homeless individuals.

The Stranger covers ongoing discussions of adding water taxi service from neighborhoods such as Ballard.

Real Change looks at the state’s regressive tax structure, and questions whether taxing Amazon is really the solution.



  1. IMHO, the next citizen outrage will be that the suspects were charged with a drive-by shooting in 2018 and charges were dismissed for a non-felony plea deal. 3 shootings in 2 days downtown, man, this will put on some pressure on the council and SPD. Will be interesting to see the response.

    1. To be fair, one of the shootings was by SPD and King County Sheriffs while on a drug enforcement assignment. So it’s not like they aren’t out there trying to deal with the problem. The question is whether it’s enough. The Mayor has called a press conference for 1:15 this afternoon; expect news reports shortly after that, and lots of tweeting while it’s happening.

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