Tuesday news roundup

The Seattle City Council got a lot of news coverage in India today.

The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, The New Indian Express, Scroll, The Wire, The Week, The National Herald, and Capitol Hill Seattle Blog all report on the Council’s passage of a resolution yesterday opposing India’s citizenship laws.

Law360 and The Seattle Times discuss HB 2907, which would allows King County to impose a payroll tax on companies’ salaries great thatn $150,000.

The Seattle PI reports on a new McKinsey report on homelessness in the Seattle area.

Erica Barnett covers the ongoing figth between the Mayor and the City Council over funding the LEAD program.

Seattle Bike Blog and Erica Barnett report on an SDOT open house meeting yesterday where the city committed to building out the Eastlake bike lane.

KUOW discusses the proposed ban on winter evictions.