Notes from Monday’s Council meetings

Here’s what was said and done in Council chambers today.

This afternoon was a relatively tame full City Council meeting, by recent standards. The Council approved a “watch list” of large and risky capital projects that it wants regular reporting from the city on, and an agreement with Sound Transit on funding, construction and maintenance of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge over I-5 at the new Northgate light-rail station.

It also signed a proclamation recognizing February as Black History Month. This is the first time in many years where there are no black persons on the City Council, as several speakers pointed out today — including former Council President Bruce Harrell.

The Office of Intergovernmental Relations gave the Council another weekly briefing this morning on the continuing state legislative session, with a particularly long discussion of HB 2948, the replacement for HB 2907. As of today, there is still no pre-emption clause in HB 2948. There is a hearing scheduled for the bill in the House Finance Committee this Thursday.

Council member Juarez announced this morning that her next committee meeting will be on March Third. The committee will hear a presentation from the Parks Department on the Seattle Parks District 6-year spending plan, as the city prepares a plan to renew it. Juarez said that she is focusing on brick-and-mortar project needs in each district, including community centers, parks, fields, and swimming pools.

Juarez also noted that on Thursday afternoon the Sound Transit board will be taking its final vote on whether to accelerate the construction of the proposed 130th Street light-rail station.

Council member Morales announced that her Community Economic Development committee will meet this Thursday, and will take up:

  • an update on workforce development work by the Office of Economic Development;
  • a vote to accept funding for the AIDS Memorial Pathway at Cal Anderson Park.

Morales also reminded her colleagues and the public that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Seattle, and encouraged everyone to eat out in the Chinatown-International District. Myths about the coronavirus have apparently depressed business there. Morales said that she had dinner in the CID last night to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

Council member Lewis announced that his Select Committee on Homelessness Strategies and Investments will meet this Wednesday, and will hear a presentation from the Navigation Team on its current status.

Council member Mosqueda, who will serve as President Pro-Tem in March, said that she is working on scheduling a presentation for the Council from King-County Public Health on the coronavirus, presumably for a Monday morning Council Briefing. In the meantime, you can learn about coronavirus from the CDC here. Remember to cover your cough and wash your hands frequently.