Sound Transit accelerates schedule for NE 130th Street light rail station

In a huge win for North Seattle — and for Council member Juarez — this afternoon the Sound Transit Board approved acccelerating the schedule for the infill light rail station at NE 130th Street.

The original plan had the station opening in 2031, seven years after the Lynnwoood Link extension opens. Juarez has stumped for the years for the station, first to get it added to the plans and then to move it up in the construction schedule.

The station design has not been completed yet, let alone the construction schedule, so Sound Transit officials are not yet able to be specific on when the station will open. But accelerating the schedule will hopefully allow more of it to be built before 2024, reducing disruptions that would otherise be caused by adding an infill station along an operating line. And of course it will be a boon to North Seattle residents commuting downtown.