Friday news roundup

Well, we made it to another “weekend.” Whatever that means these days.

Here’s the news.

The Seattle TImes reports that Council member Pedersen has requested an audit of SDOT’s spending on bridge maintenance.

The Stranger, The Urbanist, South Seattle Emerald, and Erica Barnett discuss the proposed payroll tax.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports on the opening of a new “tiny house” village in the Central Area.

The Urbanist and Seattle Bike Blog report that the city is opening more “Stay Healthy Streets.”

KING and West Seattle Blog cover a request that the city cap fees charged by restaurant-delivery companies.

Post Alley suggests that it may be time for West Seattle to declare independence.

The Stranger has a message to the city from Council Presidnet Lorena Gonzalez.

Post Alley has a roundtable discussion (in which I participate) of what’s going on with the repair of the West Seattle Bridge and how it ties in with the city’s other budget woes.