Tuesday news roundup

The CHOP starts to wind down,  bike share is back, and so much more.

Here’s he list of media reporting on the latest developments in the CHOP, including another shooting early this morning and yesterday’s announcemnet from the Mayor that she wants to close it down soon:

KUOW, The Seattle Times (here and here) and Crosscut discuss options for reforming the police department.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, GeekWire, Seattle Bike Blog, The Urbanist, and West Seattle Blog cover the relaunch of bike-share in Seattle.

KUOW, Patch, and Publicnow report on yesterday’s repeal of loitering laws by the City Council.

The Urbanist covers a call for more affordable housing to be built in the Central Area.

The Seattle PI reports that Black Lives Matter Seattle-King Couinty is setting up a new investment fund for black communities.

The Stranger updates us on the competing payroll tax proposals in front of the Council.

West Seattle Blog looks at why SDOT thinks it might be able to repair the West Seattle Bridge.

India Times profiles Council member Sawant’s involvement in the recent protests.


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