Wednesday news roundup

The Mayor unveils her rebalanced 2020 budget. Plus: now you can try your hand at reimagining Seattle’ street traffic pattern.


The Seattle Times, Crosscut, KOMO, The Stranger, KUOW, The South Seattle Emerald, The Seattle Medium, The Hill, and Fox News report on yesterday’s release of the Mayor’s proposed rebalancing of the 2020 city budget — with a $20 million cut to SPD’s budget.

The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, AP, and Fox News cover the City Council’s repeal of drug trafficking and prostitution loitering laws.

The New York Times, Newsweek, and Q13 (here and here) bring us the latest on the CHOP.

Patch reports on a new call for the city to stop prosecuting misdemeanors.

KING, Crosscut, Seattle Bike Blog, and MyNorthwest discuss the various critiques of the Seattle Police Department.

Capitol HIll Seattle Blog and The Urbanist explore the progressive tax proposal the City Council is considering.

Erica Barnett reports that the city has been clearing away more homeless encampments than it previously reported.

Forbes does a deep dive on which city employees have high salaries.

The Seattle Times looks at the relationship between Mayor Durkan and SPD Chief Best as new stresses are placed upon it.

The Seattle Medium reports that black clergy are calling for the city to build more affordable housing in the Central Area.

GeekWire reports on a new game that allows you to simulate changes the flow of street traffic in Seattle.


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