Signing off

For once, I won’t be wordy and nerdy. I have three last thoughts to share.

1. Thank you for reading my words. That is the most valuable gift you can give to any writer.

2. Please support local journalism, especially local journalism reporting on local government.  It’s our government, and if we want to hold it accountable to us then we need to know what it is (and isn’t) doing. Good, professional reporting costs money to produce, and we need to be prepared to pay for it.

3. You can disagree with someone and still be respectful. Civil servants and journalists in Seattle work very hard, and often for lousy compensation. You can make your disagreements with them known and still respect the job they are trying to do — and that they are doing it with the full intent to make things better. If we want a city and a society where we aren’t constantly at each other’s throats, then we individually must choose to stop being shitty to other people. It doesn’t start with that other guy, it starts with us. I will admit to being a flawed human who doesn’t always meet this standard, but I get up every morning and resolve to do better. I encourage you to do the same.

Though I don’t know what my future holds, I know I’m not done with writing. You can follow me at (just don’t expect me to write about city politics there).

May the year 2022 and beyond bring you all health, happiness, prosperity, and wisdom.



  1. Thank you for the stellar journalism covering SCC and your final thoughts. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

  2. Thank you very much. Your reporting has been excellent and I’ll certainly miss it.

  3. Thank you for all of your excellent reporting. Although I was a infrequent visitor to your blog, I will miss having this resource to turn to when I want to “catch up” on council news. Is anyone planning to take over this site and continue your good work?

  4. I so tremendously enjoyed your posts, will miss you and the service you provided, and good luck in your new adventure.

  5. Many thanks for the huge service SCCInsight has provided. Your detailed, well researched reporting on local government will not (sadly) be replaced.

  6. Grateful for your work, and wondering whether anyone or anything will fill the void. Thank you and god speed!

  7. This is virtually the only place for comprehensive, well-researched and unvarnished/un-dramatic reporting on Seattle city politics – not just the major and/or scandalous issues that the Seattle Times sometimes will delve into, but the really nitty gritty of legislation, budgeting, and goings on in the council and mayor’s office. Your grasp and deep understanding of Seattle’s political scene, players and governance is a unique and much-needed voice. This is a loss for Seattle, for local journalism, and for advocates of transparency and accountability in local governance. Sad news, but I hope the change is a good one and affords you time for other pursuits. You’ve certainly earned it. Happy trails!

  8. I’m so far down in our silo, I missed this sad news until tonight, when I came here to see how you covered today’s council news … went back to find the original announcement, now just adding my thanks for your work. From the “simple” posts like link roundups (thanks for including us in some of those!) to your deep dives (you analyzed the West Seattle Bridge documents in a way I couldn’t possibly have, even given tons of time), your work was stellar. So sorry to see this light in the window go out.

  9. I had so hopes your departure was a bad dream or rumor. Devastating news. I relied on you daily as the one comprehensive, level headed witness of what was going on in city government. Your contribution has been immense and you will be greatly missed. Any apprentices in the wings?

  10. Your reporting has been invaluable. I don’t see it being replaced any time soon. This is very sad.

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