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SPD briefs Council on recent gun violence

Recently there has been a cluster of gun-related incidents in Seattle, which have captured the attention of the media, the community, and the City Council. This morning, the Seattle Police Department briefed the Council on what they know, what they are still investigating, and how they are responding.

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The Youth Services Center got its permit. Here’s why.

This morning the Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) released its highly-anticipated decision on King County’s permit application to build a replacement Youth Services Center (i.e. combined juvenile court and youth detention facility) in Seattle.

Despite the pleas from many activists who are opposed to a new youth detention center, SDCI approved the permit application. They had to, and therein lies a tale.

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Notes from this morning’s Council Briefing

Here are some quick hits from this morning’s weekly Council Briefing.

Council President Harrell noted that this week’s Education, Equity and Governance Committee will have a  presentation from the FTC on combatting fraud in the African-American and Latino communities. Also, the Seattle Election and Ethics Commission will discuss their plan to roll out the Democracy Voucher Program.

Council member Sawant mentioned that there are openings on the Seattle City Light customer review panel; in particular they are looking for a residential customer and someone with strong environmental advocacy interests.

Sawant also said that at the next Energy and Environment Committee meeting on September 27th she plans to hold a vote on the proposed ordinance capping move-in fees for tenants.

Council member Gonzalez noted that she might schedule a special set of GESCNA committee meetings if Judge Robard gives his approval for police accountability legislation.

Council member Bagshaw’s Human Services and Public Health Committee will have special meetings this Thursday and next Tuesday as it works through legislation addressing unsanctioned homeless encampments. Meanwhile, the encampment task force created by her and Mayor Murray meets the next two Wednesday evenings at 6pm in the Bertha Knight Landes Room in City Hall.

Should City Council members encourage law breaking?

This afternoon in the Energy and Environment Committee meeting, the climate-action group 350 Seattle presented their plans for their Break Free PNW “mass action event” involving civil disobedience in Anacortes, May 13-15. Committee chair Kshama Sawant, who invited them to present, closed the session by saying “We will try to promote the protest action as much as possible.”  And that presents a problem, because the participants in Break Free PNW fully intend to break the law.

Council member Kshama Sawant
Council member Kshama Sawant

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