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Council gets a Pathways Home update, and the news is not great

On September 8th, the Mayor rolled out the city’s Pathways Home plan to address the homeless crisis. It’s almost five months later, and last week the Council got its first status update on how things are coming along.

Short answer: they’ve been doing a lot of talking with their partners and with the public, they’ve made a few decisions, but very little has happened that actually makes things better for homeless people in our city.

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Major homeless response announcements today

Today the Mayor’s Office announced a new Pathway Home initiative to respond to the homeless crisis in Seattle. Along with the long awaited Poppe Report, the Mayor released another commissioned performance assessment on the Seattle/King County homeless response and an action plan for the city.

In addition, the Council’s Human Services and Public Health Committee meets this afternoon to discuss all of this.

Several hundred pages of reports and plans were released today, and it will take some time to digest.  I’ll be burning the midnight oil tonight, and will have a full report in the morning.  UPDATE 9/9/16  12:00 noon:  yeah, it’s not going to be this morning. I was up until 2:00am working on it, and have been writing all morning, but there’s so much here, and it’s very complicated and nuanced. I’m going to optimize “getting it right” over “getting it done fast.”  I promise something insightful and well-worth reading by the time you’re reading your coffee Monday morning, and possibly even before then.