Notes from today’s Council meeting

The notes are short and to the point today, because this morning’s Council Briefing was cancelled due to the weather.

This afternoon, as expected, Council member Sawant introduced her resolution that would send the nomination of Jason Johnson for HSD Director back to the Mayor. It was referred to her committee, which will meet next Tuesday, February 12, at 6pm in Council Chambers to take it up. At today’s council meeting there were members of the public who commented¬† on the nomination and the nomination process, though this time there was a mix of people for and against. Still little word from the eight other Council members on how they intend to vote.

The Council also voted unanimously to pass a resolution establishing a legislative agenda for reforming the eviction process. See my article from last night for more context.

Council member Mosqueda ended today’s meeting by calling attention to the 100th anniversary of the Seattle General Strike. She said that it would be commemorated in her committee meeting on Thursday.

Wednesday’s Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting will include public hearings and possible votes on approving Neighborhood Design Guidelines for Uptown and the University District.