This week in Council Chambers

With the election finally over, the Council will focus in on finishing the 2020 budget. Plus, some new legislation is introduced.

Monday is Veterans’ Day, so the regular Monday meetings have been moved to Tuesday.

Tuesday morning’s Council Briefing will include a presentation on the next steps in establishing the Waterfront LID.

Tuesday afternoon’s full City Council meeting has no agenda items other than paying the weekly bills.

This week’s Introduction and Referral Calendar has several new pieces of legislation, including:

  • an ordinance extending for another six months the moratorium on permitting new uses for mobile home parks in Seattle;
  • an ordinance updating the city’s rules for establishing Local Improvement Districts to align with state law, and a resolution establishing the date of the public hearing for the final assessment roll for the Waterfront LID on February 4, 2020;
  • an ordinance authorizing the city to enter into a funding agreement with the Seattle Aquarium Society for the construction of the new Ocean Pavilion;
  • an ordinance reducing the fees for free-floating car share programs;
  • Council member Gonzalez’s ordinance to limit corporate contributions to PACs (see here for background);
  • a resolution stating the city’s intent to fully fund the LEAD program at scale.

Wednesday morning the Council’s Budget Committee takes up the 2020 budget again, reviewing potential changes to Council member Bagshaw’s initial balancing package.