Wednesday news roundup

Coronavirus, payroll tax, a possible rent strike, and so much more.

The Stranger, Q13, and Law360 cover the proposed payroll tax up for discussion by the City Council today.

KIRO, KING, and Q13 report on a possible rent strike on May 1, while Capitol Hill Seattle Blog covers an effort by local officials in the state to push the state legislature to cancel rent and mortgage payments.

The Urbanist covers Monday’s Council vote to temporarily suspend the Design Review Board.

Crosscut, KUOW, Capitol Hill Seattlle Blog, the International Examiner (here and here), Seattle Bike Blog, South Seattle Emerald, The Stranger, and Erica Barnett continue coverage of local impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

West Seattle Blog looks to the quick rebuild of a collapsed bridge in Italy as encouragement for what could be done with the closed West Seattle Bridge, while KING reports on concerns about a traffic surge in South Park.