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Mayor proposes increasing tax on Uber & Lyft rides, minimum wage for drivers

Tomorrow morning, Mayor Durkan will unveil another of her 2020 budget initiatives: increasing the tax on Uber and Lyft rides in the city. In combination with that, she will announce a proposal to institute a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Mayor Jenny Durkan and Deputy Mayor Shefali Ranganathan briefing the press on the proposed new tax on Uber and Lyft rides and minimum wage for TNC drivers

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Understanding the dueling minimum wage studies

Last week, a team of Berkeley researchers published a study on the effects of Seattle’s minimum wage on the food service industry up through March of 2016, that concluded that wages had indeed gone up, and there was no sign that employment had gone down in response.  Yesterday, a team of researchers at UW published a similar study, looking at data through September of 2016, concluding that employment had gone significantly down.


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News roundup: SODO Arena vote

Even though other interesting things happened, there’s only one story in town this morning: the Council’s vote on the SODO Arena plan yesterday.

Seattle Times, The Stranger, KUOW, KING5, SeattleMetKGW Portland, the Bellingham Herald, Reuters, SB Nation, La-Kabylie, Portland Business Journal, MyNorthwest, Arena Digest, Lucena Informacion, Crosscut, Curbed, Field of Schemes, Real GM Basketball, The Fourth Period, and the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce all report on the Council’s vote to reject vacating part of Occidental Avenue for the proposed SODO Arena.

Believe it or not, something else of consequence happened in the same Council meeting: the Council voted to send the $290 million 2016 Housing Levy to the ballot in August. KUOW and Seattle Times report on the vote.

Also, Think Progress, Huffington Post, Q13, and news outlets across the country are reporting on yesterday’s refusal by the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal to Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law.